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Caregiving Resources

Information for family caregivers and those caring for aging or chronically ill adults

When is it Time to Move into a Care Facility?

Despite the many websites with titles like "10 signs it's time for ..." home care assistance, or to move to a residential facility, or whatever -- in truth every situation is different. Change might be needed for myriad reasons (it might be medically necessary, or because of changes in caregivers' circumstances) and the move might be just temporary, or permanent, or unknown for how long.

No matter why or how, change is hard - so here are some sources that might help start those difficult conversations:


Here are some other sources that may help come to a decision:


If the decision is made to find a different living / care situation, these resources make useful suggestions:

Deciding on the Best Care Option

There are literally dozens of types of care facilities, for different needs. Of course, we need to know the options available to make a wise choice. Be sure to discuss making a change with the health care team, especially with a medical social worker (if one is available). The following resources explain various types of living / care situations that might suit.

Planning for Long-Term Care

Unfortunately, care can be expensive (and figuring out how/if to pay for it can be confusing). There is no shortage of advice on how to pay for later life, and the problem may be finding information that is relevant for your situation. The following links will help you get started:

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