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Later Life Planning

How to plan ahead for common concerns at the end of life

Advance Care Planning Resources



Resources to Start the Conversation

The free online "Go Wish" game described here originated as a set of cards. Those have been translated into different languages, available for purchase from:

The CACCC has been hosting Heart to Heart Cafés as a way to encourage group discussions, using the card set as conversational prompts. Others have picked up the idea, and you may find End of Life Café, Death Café, or Death Over Dinner events locally.

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Faith-based organizations (spiritual centers, churches, synagogues, gurdwaras, mosques, etc.) can be very productive hosts for group conversations; likewise community organizations, senior centers, etc. Having some shared values among participants may make it easier for individuals to talk about their wishes; and/or having some mutual support may make it safer to talk about scary topics. The Coalition for Compassionate Care provides these toolkits for organizations that are considering hosting conversations:

Finding Local Hospices or Palliative Care Agencies

Generally speaking, at the time that palliative care or hospice is needed, usually the health care provider will make a recommendation for where to go or who to call. But we are not limited to only recommended agencies. If you wish to find out what facilities are locally available, these resources have searchable listings.

(For facilities identified in the first couple of websites, do also check the California Department of Public Health's website to find out licensing details and whether any complaints have been filed with regulatory agencies.)

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