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Later Life Guide

Why a Resource Guide for Later Life?

While we all hope to live healthy, productive, happy lives, in truth we all face health challenges at some point, usually later in our lives. Chronic illness or disability - either our own, or of those we care for - may complicate our activities of daily life. We find ourselves faced with often-difficult decisions to make about health care, about quality of life, about our legacies, and about how best to leave this life. The paths we take towards end-of-life are what we mean by the phrase "later life".

The concerns discussed in this guide - mobility & balance, disordered sleep, memory loss, depression, and grief - are often connected. We may need to address more than one concern to resolve problems.

While many people assume that these problems are a natural result of growing older, in truth they are not inevitable parts of the aging process.

This guide is part of a series. Our other guides are:

How many people does this effect?

According to the Dartmouth Atlas of Health Care, more than 90 million Americans live with at least one chronic illness, and seven out of ten Americans die from chronic disease. As of 2016, the California Department of Aging estimated that approximately 361,566 adults age 60 and older resided in Santa Clara County. The 2014 American Community Survey found that this estimate accounts for nearly 17% of the county population.

But in truth, all of us are touched by the people in our lives - family, friends, co-workers - who are living with chronic illness, failing health, or disability.

About the Content in This Guide

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