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Better Communication With Health Professionals

Diversity Dialogues Videos 

Much has been written, and a lot of important work is being done, to break down unconscious prejudices among health care professionals. Likewise, many are working towards changing systemic biases in healthcare against marginalized communities. But too often these conversations don't center the voices of people within those communities.

PlaneTree Health Library is trying to change that in our "Diversity Dialogues" videos. Our idea is to feature members in the same community, talking with each other, about ways to communicate their needs and values to their health care providers. The goal of this project is to help people in these communities to advocate for themselves, and - as the subtitle says - reach for equity and respect in their health care.


Muslims in Conversation

The first video in the Diversity Dialogues project is Muslims in Conversation: Reaching for Equity and Respect in Health Care. It is a collaboration with ING (Islamic Networks Group).  Topics convered include:

Islamophobia and Discrimination Against Muslim Americans, Modesty and Gender Interactions, Religious Practices for Muslim Patients in Hospitals, Women's Health and Reproduction, Mental Health Issues, Decision Making, and End of Life Considerations.

Watch it for free on YouTube:

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