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About PlaneTree Health Library

Who we are:

PlaneTree Health Library's mission is to guide the public to trustworthy, accurate, and free health and medical information. Based in Silicon Valley, it is an independent nonprofit  online patient and consumer health library Information and programs are offered to the public free of charge.

We believe that when informed, people can make better choices about their health, can better advocate for themselves and their loved ones, and can more easily partner with their health care providers for better outcomes. Expert librarians select and provide links on our websites to the most trustworthy and accurate medical information that is freely available. In our programs we provide context for that information, and teach how to spot fake news and identify bias so that people can be more educated consumers of health information.

PlaneTree Health Library has served Santa Clara County continually since 1989. (For more of the organization's history and our projects, see here.)


However, the health and medical information accessed through the links in our online library (or presented in our programs) is not intended to replace or substitute for the advice or instruction of a health care professional. As librarians, we are not qualified to express opinions about medical care, only to offer information. Be sure to discuss information found through these sources with your health care providers.

To Register for our programs

Online registration is required for our public events. You will receive details by email after you sign up. 
  • See the list of current programs for dates and program codes, then
  • Use this link to sign up. Be sure to include the date of the program you're interested in, and the code for that program.

(Registration data is kept confidential. We will not share email addresses or other personal information with any third party.)

Currently offered programs

At present we offer these programs online, using Zoom. You will need the free Zoom app already loaded on your computer, tablet, or phone to be able to participate, and you will get an email with directions on how to join  after you register. 

Tools and online resources for caregivers.


Caring for an older family member is hard work, whether we're in the same home or caring at a distance - and it's wise to use all the tools we can get! This program is an overview of widely available, relatively simple, low-cost technological tools and online resources to make that job easier. Format is a Zoom presentation followed by Q&A and group discussion.


(in partnership with the City of Sunnyvale Senior Center.)




   Monday  June 8, 2020    1:30-2:30pm 


    Monday  June 22, 2020    9:30 – 10:30


*Pre-registration required. Enter your desired date and the program code: CARING

Trust it or trash it? Evaluating health information in the age of novel coronavirus.


Our news and social media are "all coronavirus, all the time" these days. Not only is that overwhelming, but there's also what the UN Secretary General has called "a dangerous epidemic of misinformation". How can we tell what's worth looking at, and what to take seriously? Learn librarians' techniques for spotting fake news or scams, for finding trustworthy sources, and for evaluating health information.




 Sunday June 28, 4:30 - 5:30pm


   Wednesday July 22, 11am - noon


*Pre-registration required. Be sure to enter your desired date and the program code: EVAL

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