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Later Life Guide

Similar Concerns, But Some Different Circumstances

Lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, nonbinary, gender-nonconforming, and transgendered people face the same issues and concerns as anyone else as they age - but they can also face additional challenges. A 2018 AARP Research report "Maintaining Dignity: Understanding and Responding to the Challenges Facing Older LGBT Americans"  found that at least half of the people surveyed were very concerned about getting adequate support as they age, and concerned that healthcare providers' insensitivity or lack of knowledge will badly affect their health. Many also worried that they would be neglected, harassed, or forced to go back into the closet in long-term care or nursing care.

The resources here and in the boxes below address those concerns.


A short note about language in this guide: We choose to use the term LGBTQ+ as a compromise between inclusivity and brevity when discussing matters that apply to the many identities under this umbrella, and more specific terms (ex., transgender) for matters that affect primarily one group.  However, links listed on this webpage use their original terminology.

Later Life Planning for LGBTQ+ people

Connecting to LGBTQ Community

In addition to fearing the kinds of isolation that can be oppressive to any older adult,  LGBTQ+ people may also worry that they would have to go back "in the closet" as they age. Staying connected to community can help.

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