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COVID-19 Information: Santa Clara County and Bay Area, California

Trustworthy information about COVID-19

Local Updates & Emergency Alerts

The SantaClara County Department of Public Heath's website is updated daily on the number of cases that have tested positive in the county, the number of deaths from COVID-19, and how many people have been tested in the county.

City of San José staff are creating multilingual Flash Reports from the daily Emergency Notifications.

Myth-Busting & Scam-Spotting - Check the Sources!

When so many people are scared or feel threatened, rumors and misinformation fly wild. It's best to look up the scientific evidence (or at least scientific rationale) behind advice about slowing the spread of coronavirus and keeping healthy in this pandemic. If you can't verify the science, fact-check it. When in doubt, stick to trusted sources of information like the resources linked in this guide.

If you see something that looks to be from a trustworthy source, double check directly by searching that source's webpage. (For example, this advice did not come from someone at Stanford Hospital, as it claims.)

coronavirus scam alert banner

Unfortunately, frauds spread almost as fast as a virus, in these scary times. Watch out for the scams described in these alerts:

Other Useful Information Sources

This disease spreads exponentially -- but what does that mean, actually? The Washington Post has a good animated article explaining why so many sources talks urge us to "flatten the curve", available in several other languages besides the English and Spanish versions linked here (click on the first link to find all versions).

 - The numbers of medical research reports and clinical medical articles on this disease are exploding exponentially, too. These sites helpfully collect and organize the latest biomedical research information:

- Vaccines  

See the page in this guide on Vaccines.

 - Legal (and financial and regulatory) matters relating to the pandemic :

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