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Coronavirus and COVID-19 Information: Santa Clara County and Bay Area, California

Trustworthy information about COVID-19

How Long Will Restrictions Last?

We don't know. 

PlaneTree Health Library's  webpages will be updated regularly (in some cases, daily) with the latest accurate, verifiable, news you can use during this pandemic.

Bay Area Closures and Restrictions Currently in Place

Current requirements for the Bay Area counties:

Santa Clara County (and most of California state) no longer follow the color-coded tier system described in the Blueprint for Recovery. However, that doesn't mean all COVID-related restrictions have been lifted!

Statewide California mandates still require wearing a mask in certain circumstances and/or when in the presence of unvaccinated people. Physical distancing is no longer required for fully vaccinated individuals in most cases.

New As cases of COVID rise again, as of August 3, 2021, 2021:

the Bay Area Public Health Departments for the Counties of Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Sonoma, and the City of Berkeley require that everyone - including people who have been vaccinated - wear a mask when indoors (except for their their homes).


As of June 21, Santa Clara County follows the California State requirements, with some additional requirements for businesses to verify vaccination status of employees.

To find out what is currently required by local authorities, see:

Schools and Child Care

Schools in other parts of the country that have opened for the fall term (sometimes only briefly) have found that children are vulnerable to catching and spreading COVID-19, even though they may not show symptoms. Just how vulnerable is still a matter for research and debate, however.

California State has brought together information and resources related to the coronavirus and schools into its School Readiness Hub. There is found guidance for school administrators, staff, and parents.

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